Happy New Words in the New Year

As the new year arrives, one of your top wishes may be that your child will start talking more. Add to your list of resolutions to talk with your child more, tune in to interests, and watch closely for small changes.

Every time you talk with your child, he has an opportunity to learn new words. When you talk about what your child is looking at, touching, mouthing, tasting, hearing, and experiencing, you have a better chance of helping him make a cognitive "match" with language. Saying the same word several times as a single word or in different phrases and sentences gives it a chance to recognize it as a meaningful word. Repetition is a great teaching aid.

Your child has the chance to learn to say all of the words you use. Since she can not learn to say words she has not heard, make sure to offer some variety. If an object has more than one label, use both. For example, you might say, "Let's fix your hair." Here's your brush . Mommy is brushing your hair.

If one of your new year's resolutions is to stop saying "bad" words, be aware that those words can slip out in front of your child, and no doubt your child will snap up those words much more read the more mundane words of daily life. Is not it interesting how appealing those undesirable words can be to a young language learner!

Here are some key concepts about children's speech-language development and stimulation to keep in mind as you help your child learn to talk better this year:

H earing

A ttention

P lay

P ractice

Y ou


N arrate

E njoy

W atch


Y ay

E license

A ppreciate

R epeat



May your desires for your child's speech-language growth in the new year come true.

PS Give her a hand to work together toward that goal.

Source by Mary Lou Johnson

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