Mastering Reflection and Vision For a Fabulous Year

Happy New Year!

It's been an exciting year with mixed results, yet still worth a celebration. I hope you will stop for a moment, take a breath and honor what you learned or accomplished on your journey during 2009. For me, it was a year of challenges, celebration and lessons-learned, for which I am grateful.

One theme continues to ring true, which is, that awareness is key to growth and sustainable success. So, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my 2009 journey and invite you to join me.

Reflecting on 2009

What are you celebrating?

Gratitude and celebration are key elements of stress-free living and attracting what you want. Remembering the big and little successes that showed up during the year. And, being grateful for the little bumps that slowed you down or stopped you in your path and caused you to learn something new to regain balance and forward movement.

So, take a moment to look back and think from a positive perspective. Look back with love and kindness and think about what you want to tell yourself from a heart-centered place. I suggest neutral-judgment, ie, do not name, label or judge what comes up (there's time for that later), just observe and record.

If you keep a journal, grab it and enjoy reflecting on and celebrating the year with words or pictures. Write, draw, sketch or add photos to make it a true reflection of your year. Take a brief moment to share, or even better, set next an hour or more to remember this last year. Maybe you want to add some music, a candle or sunlight. No thought or feeling is too small or insignificant.

You can just sit in the quiet and see what comes up as your reflect on 2009. If you seek greater clarity, here are some questions to get you started on this reflective journey:

  • What greeted you the most joy, and made your heart sing?
  • Who were you being when you felt this joy?
  • What was your biggest lesson learned? (think life leadership and conscious living)
  • What was the biggest change you made or risk you took?
  • Who had the greatest impact on your life, Taught you the most or offered the greatest support? (gratitude works, so, if you have not already done so, thank them)
  • How did you build community or support?
  • How did you express your artistic self? (creating or enjoying art or nurturing your right-brain)
  • How will you celebrate your smallest, and greatest, 2009 success?

Clear Vision 2010

Seeing your way to sustainable success

Clarity and focused-action are essential to crafting success that lasts. Everything you create will start with a thought. Clear thought with focused-action will make the path to success smoother and faster.

A path to personal and professional success that speaks to your passion and values. A path that allows you the time and energy to create more success and enjoy what you already have.

In this last year, you may have noticed or read about how there has been more clearly focused on and success through the practice of attraction and emotional intelligence. Probably because they are grounded in ancient wisdom and modern practice. And, shift the focus from what you are doing to WHO you are BEING.

Clarity may not be had in a moment, so here are some tips and questions-to-self to set you on the path.

  • Success is an attitude and mindset – a mindset of "I can do this"
  • Confidence is not found but created, one step at a time – so keep practicing
  • FEAR – can be F eeling E xcited And R eady; so accept it as a message and channel that energy
  • Balance is not found standing still, but moving forward as one does when riding a bike – it's about falling off and getting up, getting unstuck and staying on your path
  • Failure is NOT an option
  • My 5 Guiding Principles of Success with HEART (TM):
    • H = Honor they yourself, and your voice. self-love is a valuable resource
    • E = manage your Energy more than your time
    • A = maintain a mindset of Abundance
    • R = plan Renewal and Retreat in your daily and annual schedule
    • T = Trust your intuition, as it is connected to a powerful source


  • What is my intention (or theme) for 2010? – connect all your goals to this theme to help you stay focused. Write it down, or better yet, create a vision board or use the life wheel (see below for your gift) My business theme is "income with ease".
  • What one thing do I need to stop, start or change to create a winning attitude?
  • What daily routine will I add to my life to realize my intention and reach my goals? – practice, practice, practice and consistent action are keys to success and mastery
  • Who will I look for for support, my accountability-partner (s)? – community is key to challenge you, keep you on track and share in the celebration. Choose someone (or a group or mastermind) who will ask you to stretch, make you accountable, and not let you fail at achieving your desired intention.
  • What self-care / self-love practice will I add to my daily schedule to renew the energy necessary to create and celebrate sustainable success? I like a brief walk in the fresh air, bouncing to music, listening to an inspired audio book or just sitting with the sun on my face.
  • What one thing will I do to enhance my environment and support my creativity? I like to add music, color and flowers to my physical space. I am also in the process of getting my photos off my computer and in to frames. Celebrating my art!

Wishing you a year of clear and realized intentions!


Source by Karen McMillan

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