My Best New Year's Ever

I just celebrated the best New Year's of my life and to think that it almost did not happen! I was supposed to go to Hawaii right after Christmas, but about a week before the trip, something came up and I had to make alternate plans. I was not very happy about it but I had no choice in the matter. So I decided to go to South Beach instead. Boy, am I ever glad I did! Where do I begin?

I've been to South Beach before, but this time it was different. My whole trip was a dream. The city is one big, sensual experience. I was on a natural high the whole time I was there. No stress, no worries. It was all about having fun. I was poolside at Loews during the day, dressed up at all the hot spots in the evening – Mansion, Delano, Shore Club, Nikki Beach, Hosteria Romana and my absolute favorite – Mango's Paradise Club.

New Year's Eve was spent on a boat cruise. As the clock hit midnight, we arrived in Miami's harbor. We were the largest and loudest there, with music, drinking and dancing. The fireworks were over the water, not too far from us. The combination of the fireworks, music and dancing, high rises and other yachts was intoxicating. It was indescribable. It was a visual and aural overload – an orgy of the senses. I was doing most of my favorite things – taking pictures, dancing and singing. I will never forget that moment. I wished that life could always be like that.

Afterwards, it was off to Mango's. Even though I got there at 2:30 am, the party was still going strong. I've never been to a place like this before. The energy is off the charts – with the live Latin music and sexy male and female dancers. There is no way you can not have a good time there.

Now I understand how people who have had near death experiences feel, when they say they did not want to come back. Even though my life in LA is quite good, nothing beats South Beach. I did not want to come back either.

I learned a very important lesson. I like to plan and absolutely hate it when plans get changed at the last minute. However, since my unexpected change of plans was for the better, I will now be able to accept changes more easily. Instead of being upset, I will trust that there is a good reason for the change that I may not be aware of at the time. When something falls through with work or things do not seem to be working out with a guy, I will not worry. I'll simply smile and think of New Year's 2008!

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