Will Humans Ever Stop Their Violence and Fighting?

Happy New Year 2014 – “Bring it On,” I say. And yet, it already looks as if this will be yet another year of human conflict. We see more problems brewing in North Korea, and off the coasts of China. We see turmoil in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, and the Russian Winter Olympics are just around the corner – with already two bombings between Christmas 2013 and New Year’s Day 2014. Well, suffice it to say 2014 will not be the new enlightened age of the human race. Let’s talk.

There was an interesting article in World Affairs Journal published on November-December Issue titled; “Terror in Burma: Buddhists vs. Muslims,” by Peter A. Coclanis which stated that for the Buddhists in Burma;

“A monk named Kyaw Lwin became a central figure, and his writings were distilled and distributed by a unit of the official Religious Ministry, first as “How to Live as a Good Buddhist” (1992) and later as “The Best Buddhist” (2000). After Kyaw Lwin’s death in 2001, at the age of seventy, Wirathu-who had known Kyaw Lwin for a number of years-along with a number of other monks, picked up the mantle and began elaborating upon the dead monk’s thoughts, albeit with a more explicitly and aggressively anti-Muslim message.”

In this case we cannot necessarily blame only the Muslims for this squabble – and the true animosity is more of a matter of unforgotten and unforgiven history. Okay so, let’s talk about human societies pickings sides, choosing enemies and using that enemy as their personal ally to unite their own in a common case to serve a specific political will, Yes, let’s talk about:

Terrorism VS Terrorism – that’s a lot like Spy VS Spy isn’t it? Someone must be making money funding both sides. Reminds me of all the sectarian violence in the Middle East, Sudan tribal wars, Libyan militias – it’s like humans cannot get along anywhere, being played against each other like the Bloods and Crips gangs in Los Angeles shooting it out. Like the Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Like the 99% against the 1% or like the race card games and populist teleprompter talk – It’s not okay humans, I am not amused. I am not pleased.

And, as I mentioned North Korea above in the first paragraph, it does seem to me that since there seems to be cracks in Kim Jong Un’s regime, as he executed his uncle, as a traitor, who was head of the army. One common strategy in North Korean history is to cause a minor regional spitting contest with South Korea to show how united the country is with regards to its leadership and military strength – so, here we go again folks – welcome to 2014 – not exactly what we hoped for but if past performance is any indication of the future – well then, there you have it.

Indeed, philosophically speaking now, I’ve come to realize that this is how humans play it. Is war and conflict, violently played out and heatedly debated in political hyperbole really “a sense that gives us purpose” and before you say “no” or claim that it is love and peace that unites us, it seems all great achievements of mankind have come from standing in unity against an imposing force, danger, disease, or seemingly unconquerable challenge.

With that said, maybe it is the challenge and human competition that should be labeled the enemy, and yet without it, would life be any fun, worth living or could mankind even enjoy the technological progress that’s brought us to where we are today – even if it is merely another door at the brink of war? Well, no need to harp on this anymore, why not just close your eyes and think about it, and imagine a better world without all this noise and fire. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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